Sunday, August 12, 2007

Days 46 & 47--From the Ghosts of Gettysburg into the Land of Mary

Day 46 (August 9) in Gettysburg was our last rest day. I wimped out and got a hotel room at the TraveLodge, four blocks from the camp at the local middle school. It was a typical rest day...laundry, naps, and a little sightseeing.

A few more gusty, thunderstorm fronts blew through. A group of us met Brack and Jean Anne Hattler at the Gettyburg Hotel for dinner. It was wonderful seeing them both since they had to leave the Ride in South Dakota. Brack seemed to be healing well from the accident--both Brack and Jean Anne continue to be inspirational to us all with their positive energy, love, and support. They are a big part of the heart and soul of this team!

Gettysburg is truly a town of ghosts...both Union and Confederate. Here was the site of the bloodiest (most casualties) battle in US History--including the two World Wars. On our way out of town on Day 47 (August 10), an eerie fog hung over the Gettysburg National Cemetery and the site of Lincoln's legendary address (pictured). There were clearly many untold stories hanging heavily in the mist.

Through the fog and over rolling hills, eight miles into the day's ride, we crossed the Mason-Dixon Line--the historical dividing line between free states and the former southern slave states. There, teammate Arizona Kelly and I traversed the Pennsylvania--Maryland State line (pictured).

The remainder of the 54-mile ride was fairly uneventful, and quite hilly at the end. Once in Clarksburg, MD, we camped at a very beautiful and quiet county park and had a final dinner together at an area restaurant.

The adrenalin and anticipation was building.


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