Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gee this sounds familiar...Erroneous Triplicate Posting

As you may have noticed, my most recent blog update was posted three times (in triplicate). I have tried to delete the extra posts remotely through the PDA without success.

I will correct and remove the redundant postings as soon as I can get to a real computer. It may be a little while. Thanks for your understanding and for following the blog.



Ken said...

Glad to hear the Erie wasn't too eerie and your knee didn't completely bum you out. I'm sure you must have experienced more character-building as you determined to ride through the pain and stiffness.
Wonderful to hear and see your family reunion. Great pics. Your smile was big enough to cover everyone's obvious joy. Hope you were careful with the buggy. You looked so comfortable in front of it, you might have ended up harnessed.

Things are more of the same here at ST. You know, the more things change....
We're still struggling with department scorecards with STAR and also about to send out about 830,000 district mailers for the Roads & Transit effort. The actual campaign appears to have kicked off with some furious fund-raising. And most of us know there's a major reorg ahead and doing some serious thinking about it.

The views are still beautiful from our home and its a warm but cloudy morning here with sun forecast for later today.

Keep pedalling. Our prayers are your tail-wind.


Eddie said...

Almost there Dad! I'll see you at the finish line.


Sue Boigon said...

Hi Marty,
My sister Linda says to tell you that she is enjoying following you across country. She can't reply herself because somehow google is not recognizing her e-mail. I had a wonderful visit with Betsy, Ed and Becca. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your final arrival into Washington D.C. I'm here in LA visiting my mom.
Love Sue